Thursday, September 29, 2011

SGS Calendar

Want a simple view of your upcoming calendar appointments or events? SGS Calendar is an extremely fast and lightweight widget that sits on your homescreen.

Place the SGS Calendar widget on your homescreen and let it silently update itself.  This allows you an at-a-glance view of important events right from your homescreen.

The SGS Calendar widget is styled to suit the stylish Samsung Galaxy S II. It comes in 2 widget sizes half-screen and full-screen.

  • Two widget sizes half-screen(2x4) and full-screen (4x4)
  • Integrates with most common calendars
  • Stylish theme suits Samsung Galaxy S II widgets
  • Fast & Lightweight
  • Shows calendar appointments including all-day events
  • Shows calendar entries for Today, Tomorrow and the remaining Week in the full screen sized widget.
  • Shows calendar entries for Today and Tomorrow in the half-screen sized widget.
  • Displays the current date
  • Touch functionality to launch your calendar
  • Automatically updates every 30mins
  • Refresh button to manually update (located at the bottom right-hand corner)
  • Extremely friendly on your phone battery

You can scan this QR download image using a bar-code scanner :

Or directly download it from the Android Market in your browser: click here

For any support enquiries or issues please contact support :

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