Friday, September 30, 2011

SGS Messages

Wish your latest SMS text messages were displayed on your home screen? Introducing SGS Messages! It's a beautiful widget that when placed on your home screen shows your latest SMS messages for a quick at-a-glance view.

You can even easily reply by just tapping the message!  The widget is also updated as soon as you receive an SMS message! No configuration required!

This is a fast and lightweight widget that you can add to your homescreen!

It's been designed to suit the widgets theme as seen on the Samsung Galaxy S II.

This is one of several widgets available from designed to help you customize your device to suit you.


  • Automatically refreshes when an SMS message arrives.
  • Shows the latest 4 messages
  • Allows you to reply to a message by simply tapping a message on the widget.
  • Styled similarly to Samsung Galaxy S II Widgets
  • Lightweight on memory & Fast
  • Easy to add to your home screen
  • Conserves battery

You can scan this QR download image using a bar-code scanner :

Or directly download it from the Android Market in your browser: click here

For any support enquiries or issues please contact support :

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